Some people cant realize how important to have spare key. It makes a lot of sense to own a spare key. Below are some of the reasons why you should have at least a single spare car key.

Money saving

When you got spare key even without the chip inside it the locksmith has a lot of less work to duplicate new one also there is no need to open the car without the key or in some causes when door lock not working locksmith need to force the door to get in. For some cars much easier and cheaper make new spare key when you have working key.

Time saving

When we loose last working key we usually in the rush having something important to do. Can you imagine the situation like this? Now instead of think about our things we need look for the key and for the locksmith to get help as soon as possible.
If we share the keys with another drivers for one car that also worth to keep one more in the drawl.
The key has been locked in the car... how to open the car now?
These are only a few ordinary examples you may experience with one working key only.