If you are reading this webpage that's means you need some advice regards your Mercedes. This is good choice because we have many years experience in this trade as well as we are using top quality equipment taking care about our customers. 

There are few cases you may need our help. If you loose last working key or even worse when the last one has been locked inside the car. The other reason is that remote key stopped working or just simply want to additional key - to be on the safe site.

From about 2013/2014 Mercedes Benz introduced new immo system called FBS4. Since that there is no company who can make Mercedes key apart main dealer. So if you see another key company saying that they can make it...please dont waste your time they probably not informed 100%.

We can support most Mercedes cars till 2014 and vans till present. 

When your key stopped work always the best experience is test the key and the car with suitable equipment before do replace anything.

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Key types

3 button type

2 button type

Flip out type

2/3 button 

old type

Key Fob Repair

If your last working key stopped work usually you need assist by the specialist. In many cases the battery is flat which you can replace by your self. Please  remember to be very careful about electronic parts. If after that  still no good, call us please we will check the problem more thoroughly.

Mercedes Key Replacement

Mercedes Spare key

Adding Mercedes spare keys is always important. This is not very expensive option and let us avoid headache and higher costs in case you in rush looking for lost key everywhere . Why not to ring for the quote? 

Steering lock repair

After the fix attempt your key still not working that's no a problem we can replace for the new one with 1 year warranty. All we need is access to the car in order to get necessary data which let us make the new key fob. 

Mercedes steering lock fault is very popular. When its happen you cant start the car and need recover the car to the local garage. It is always very expensive and many times wrong diagnosed. In most cases we can get back your car on the road without Benz dealer or expensive workshops. 

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Lost all keys

Locksmith told you not possible make the new key?!  

That no the problem for all Mercedes Benz passanger cars till 2014 and vans till 2017.

Our new software can easily make new key in 1h without awaiting time from dealer and with different cost of course. 

Mercedes Ignition Repair

One of the reasons car wont start could be the ignition. Sometimes because of moisture, chip gets damage or mechanical fault. With dealer it cost hundreds. We know luckily how to safe you a lot of many by the fix or replacement broken ignition.  

Mercedes C class 2008. This customer lost the only key. Car is locked on the work car park. Call us for replacement spare key. His choosen Top-car-key-replacement because good google reputation. The whole job took about 1h.

Mercedes 2014 has been brought to us on the recovery AA truck as all keys lost. Customer could not wait until get the spare key from main dealer. Emergency opening, decoding lock, online programming took less then 1 hour. Everyone happy after the job completed

Mercedes E class 2005 just the spare as the customer has some concerns because last night had some troubles looking for his only key. Finlly has found it. Mobile service, cutting, spplaying and programming much less then dealer asking for. And the most important dont need to visit dealer

Mercedes C class 1998. The one key stopped working while ego and another one started playing sometimes refuse to start. Customer decided to get one spare as he dont want to get stuck in the morning before work time.

Mercedes spare keys are always important. This is not very expensive option and let us avoid headache and higher costs in case you in rush looking for lost key everywhere . Why not to ring for the quote? 

Design Locking central locking

The transponder key consists of an electronic key and a mechanical Actuate "Lock" transmitter button (1):
key (7). The electronic key contains an FM radio transmitter, an Press once (locking CL globally)
infrared transmitter/receiver, a computer chip and transmitter button Press and hold down while pointing at IR receiver
as well as two button cells.The mechanical key replacement can be (convenience closing)
unlocked and removed with the unlock slider 

Unlocking central locking

Switches unlocking from "selective" to "global" or vice versa
Actuate "Unlocking" (2) transmitter button Hold "Lock" button (1) and "Unlock" button (2) simultaneously
Pressing once when set to "Selective" (driver door and fuel for approx. 5 s until the "Battery control" LED (4) flashes twice.
filler flap are unlocked)
Press once when set to "global" (unlocks all) Panic alarm
Press twice when set to "selective" (unlocks all) With radio remote control with panic switch, code 763
Press and hold down while pointing at IR receiver Actuate "Panic alarm" (6) transmitter button:
(convenience closing) Press approx. 2 s (trigger panic alarm)
i On USA version, code 494 two IR receivers are installed.Left Press approx. 0.5 s (terminate panic alarm)
front IR receiver (A26/1) and right front IR receiver

Open/close rear-end door transmitter button
Actuate "Rear-end door closing" transmitter button (3)

Drive authorization stage 3 (DAS 3) local locksmith  alarm is not triggered on vehicles with anti-theft alarm system
When the transmitter key is inserted into the EIS control module, it is (ATA) code 551.
supplied with power via an induction coil. Data is exchanged via the
infrared transmission and receiving unit for the purpose of verifying 

Convenience feature (CF)
drive authorization. The signals for convenience actuation are only transmitted via
infrared, not via radio.

Unlock/lock vehicle doors or unlock trunk lid
When the transmitter button (1, 2 or 3) is pressed, a radio signal is 

Mercedes key replacement
transmitted by the transmitter key. Parallel to the radio signal programming key remote an When the transmitter button (1, 2 or 3) is actuated the "Battery
infrared signal is transmitted to the IR receiver If the signal is valid, control" LED (4) comes on momentarily and indicates thereby the
the vehicle doors are unlocked or lock and the trunk lid is unlocked proper smart key state of the batteries (two button cells) in the transmitter key

Mechanical key
The mechanical key (7) can be removed from the transmitter key
after actuating the unlock slider (5).When the driver door is unlocked
with the mechanical key (7) the CL is not actuated

Panic alarm Keyless Go 
With radio remote control with panic switch, code 763 Communication with the vehicle via inductive signals and radio
When the "Panic alarm" transmitter button (6) is pressed for approx. signals. Determine request location in relation to vehicle.
2 s the panic alarm is started, the panic alarm is interrupted when the
transmitter button (6) is reactuated or when the transmitter key is
inserted in the key opening on the EIS control module