If your electronic car key has stopped working, don’t panic. Remote or transponder car keys can stop working due to a dead remote battery, damaged or lost transponder chips, impact from being dropped or exposure to water.
In most circumstances, we are able to reprogram the malfunctioning key for the vehicle. Sometimes, however the damage can be too extensive and a new key will have to be created.
A transponder key works by matching an electronic message from the original key to an electronic message in the car’s engine control unit (ECU) in order to disable the vehicle's immobilizer and start the engine. When a key is reprogrammed with a programming unit, all the keys that used to be programmed to the vehicle will no longer work. This is also an effective safety measure if another key is lost or stolen.
If the key or remote is wet or damaged, we will most likely be unable to reprogram the key or remote. If the remote has a dead battery, the battery in the remote will most likely work again after being changed.
car key programming