Land Rover Key Replacement

If you are reading this web page that's means you need some advice regards your RANGE ROVER, We can replace a spare remote for land rover cars up to 2019. We are using top quality equipment taking care about our customers. 

There are few cases you may need car key replacement. If you loose last working key or even worse when the last one has been locked inside the car. The other reason is that remote key stopped working or just simply want to additional key - to be on the safe site.

We can support most Land Rover cars till 2019.

When your key stopped work always the best experience is test the key and the car with suitable equipment before do replace anything.

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Land Rover Keys 

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Range Rover Key Replacement
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If your last key stopped work usually you need assist by the specialist. In many cases the battery is flat which you can replace on your own for most Land Rover cars.Remember to be very carefully taking care about electronic parts. If still no luck you can call us in order to check the problem more thoroughly.

Locksmith told you not possible make the new key?!  

That no the problem for all Land Rover passanger cars till 2019

Our new software can easily make new key in 1h without awaiting time from dealer and with different cost of course. 

Adding Range Rover spare keys for  is always important. This is not very expensive option and let us avoid headache and higher costs in case you in rush looking for lost key everywhere . Why not to ring for the quote? 

Land Rover models and types:

Range Rover -L322 (2006 - 2012) -L405 (2012+)

Range Rover Sport-L320 (2006 - 2013) -L494 (2014+)

Evoque -L358 (2011+)

Range Rover Discovery

Range Rover Freelander

Range Rover Velar

Land Rover introduction 

Land Rover as a company has existed since 1978. Prior to this, it was a product line of the Rover Company which was subsequently absorbed into the Rover-Triumph division of the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BL) following Leyland Motor Corporation’s takeover of Rover in 1967. The ongoing commercial success of the original Land Rover series models, and latterly the Range Rover in the 1970s in the midst of BL's well-documented business troubles prompted the establishment of a separate Land Rover company but still under the BL umbrella, remaining part of the subsequent Rover Group in 1988, under the ownership of British Aerospace after the remains of British Leyland were broken up and privatised.

In 1994 Rover Group plc, including Land Rover, was acquired by BMW. In 2000, Rover Group was broken up by BMW and Land Rover was sold to Ford Motor Company, becoming part of its Premier Automotive Group.

Land Rover Services

We offering Land Rover car key replacement and repair services extend to a range of different Land Rover models. Our technician team have expert knowledge of Land Rovers and can easily replace and repair both manual and remote car keys for your Rang Rover If you’re worried about whether or not our services will cover your model of Land Rover, feel free to contact us any time and ask.

Lost or broken car key replacement

Lost your lovely car key already? Dont panic! There is a LR specialists team who is ready to help you in less then 1 hour. Instead of book the taxi, recovery track or Land Rover main dealer, please call to Top Car Key Replacement to save huge amount of money and plenty of time. We will meet you on your current location bringing the brand new keys in our van offering the help with sorting your car up.

Land Rover Key Duplication 

Car duplication keys is much more easier then situation  once you lost all your keys. Anybody that’s sharing their car, and having a spare key is a great asset for any driver to have. If something were to happen to your car key it’s always handy to have a spare to keep you going and prevent a disaster. That’s why we recommend that you call us to get a duplicate key made. We can make one while you wait, or if you’re not in a rush you can visit us at our base in London and we’ll make one for you there.

Car Key Repair

Nobody want to waste the money by buying a brand new Land Rover car key if we know that your broken key can be fixed. If you key has broken case or blade is snapped so obviously you dont need to spend money to purchase whole key. If we can confirm that is possible we will be more then happy to do so. We keep most of the car land rover keys parts in stock so that is also good reason to find out Top Car Key Replacement Services

Land Rover Key Programming

Our Locksmith team will be happy to assist. We are covering most LR cars to make spare or when all keys lost situation. In most cases cars up to 2018 wont need to replace KVM module as dealer do, which means you will save huge amount of money. Even if you lost your original transponder chip we can program new one while you wait giving sensible price for our services.

Car Opening

Once you locked key remote fob  by mistake inside the car or boot there is only one resolution for it by calling top car key replacement company. We can visit your unfortunate location and open the car without making any damage on the doors or on windows. Our professional stuff will see you shortly to open the car in couple of minutes. 

Land Rover Keyless entry 


Technology always moves forward in leaps and bounds, car keys are becoming more advanced and high tech than we ever imagined they would be. Sadly, that also means that getting a replacement key made is becoming more and more expensive. When you go to a Land Rover dealer to key your car keys replaced you may find yourself paying extortionate prices. This is because there are innovative technologies installed in both the key and the car that are designed to keep your car safe.

After 1995, most manufactured cars were and still are fitted with an immobiliser. While the design of immobilisers and their placement in the car may have changed over the years, their purpose and basic function is still fundamentally the same. Car keys have a unique transponder chip inside of them. When you place them in the ignition the immobiliser in your Land Rover will recognise your chip and turn on the car. If you use a key without a transponder chip that’s programmed specifically to your car you will find that your Land Rover won’t turn on or it may immediately switch off after you’ve started it. With this system in place, only a person carrying your key can use your car and you can, in fact, deactivate your key if it is lost or stolen.

While this is a brilliant technology that has likely prevented a lot of cars being stolen, it has become more difficult to replace car keys because in order to work they need to be programmed specifically to your car. This is why you should never purchase keys from unlicensed or second hand sellers. The keys they sell you will not be programmed to your car and so have a high probability of not working. You could either buy your replacement keys from on official Land Rover dealer, which may be expensive and inconvenient, or you could buy your replacement Land Rover car keys from Car Keys Solutions. Our experts can easily programme newly made keys or reprogram your keys if they desynchronise.

What Should I do when my key is misplaced ?

A quick call to us if you find your Land Rover car key’s broken or lost will save you money, time and a lot of unnecessary stress. Instead of paying for a tow and taking a taxi to your Land Rover dealer, you can call us and we’ll send out an emergency team to help. Our technicians and locksmiths are all highly trained professionals, capable of providing a range of services. They are highly knowledgeable and understand all of the intricacies of Land Rover technology and design and of all of the models. They’ll bring one of our vans to wherever you are, filled with all of the latest and high tech equipment. So, once we arrive, all you have to do is go for a walk or grab a cup of tea and when you come back you’ll have a new or fixed Land Rover car key that you can use right away.

Land Rover Key Replacement Gallery 

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