Bmw CAS / EWS recovery repair

The BMW immobiliser system is very reliable from the time it has been introduced until this days. The most popular is CAS system covering most cars from 2004 - 2015. 
The CAS module is the little box which can be in white or black colour. Cas module response for the synchronization between many modules in our BMW. First it recognise weather key is correct if so giving the autorization signal to ECU or gearbox which let us start the car.
Basically if you replace the ECU or CAS or gerabox EGS control module car wont start again without special software synchronisation.
Very important is to update CAS/FEM software which make our BMWs nearly not possible to make the key afterwords.
More advance BMW immo info you can find here

Bmw immo systems

EWS 1/3  from1996 - 2004
CAS 1/4   from 2004 - 2015
FEM/BDC  Bmw F 2011- till now 

Failure of immo system

  • Immobiliser fault on dahsboard 
  • Car wont start after unsuccessful flashing
  • Manipulation with another software
  • No communication with others modules or steering lock ELV
  • Corrosion 
  • Water damage 
  • Broken key

Update immo unit

No matter if you have EWS/ CAS or FEM module we always recommend to preform software update to latest available relisted by BMW. This way making our cars much more safety and nearly eliminate thefts. 
BMW CAS 3 cars ( 2005- 2013) without latest update can be easily stolen in 1 minute with the latest update nearly not possible make new key in a quick way.


  • Rebuild software of used EWS/CAS unit making 40% cheaper then dealer
  • Replace EWS/ CAS unit for second hand.
  • Safety reading and writing CAS4 unit which let you make new key or KM reset or use second hand one.
  • Flashing update or coding all BMW known immo units.