Audi Key Replacement

If you are reading this web page that's means you need some advice regards your Audi We can replace a spare remote for Audi cars up to 2019. We are using top quality equipment taking care about our customers. 

There are few cases you may need car key replacement. If you loose last working key or even worse when the last one has been locked inside the car. The other reason is that remote key stopped working or just simply want to additional key - to be on the safe site.

We can support most Audi cars till 2019.

When your key stopped work always the best experience is test the key and the car with suitable equipment before do replace anything.

Audi Remote Types

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audi key programming
audi spare key replacement
audi new key

Audi Services

If your last key stopped work usually you need assist by the specialist. In many cases the battery is flat which you can replace on your own for most Audi cars. Remember to be very carefully taking care about electronic parts. If still no luck you can call us in order to check the problem more thoroughly.

Locksmith told you not possible make the new key?!  

That no the problem for all Audi passenger cars till 2019

Our new software can easily make new key in 1h without awaiting time from dealer and with different cost of course. 

Adding Audi spare keys for  is always important. This is not very expensive option and let us avoid headache and higher costs in case you in rush looking for lost key everywhere . Why not to ring for the quote?