All keys lost situation is the worst for many reasons.

Car can not be opened and if it is already cant be started.

For some locksmiths it is a challenge because not having working key it is more difficult or sometimes not possible to make one, 

We can provide full service even when all keys has been lost for most Bmw and Mercedes cars. We are able to make new key fob or spare one if required, Handling latest technology equipment and many years experience we are able start up your car in the blink of the eye. 

BMW  build after 2009 have special update immobiliser system which  does not let make any key if all keys has been lost. 

Fortunately we have special equipment which let us make it  without any problems in half a hour even if the car is after 2010. 

Please always ask locksmith if they are able make the new key in this situation because standard BMW key maker will not be able to do it.