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Top car key replacement in Esher ara - automotive locksmith - company who providing extraordinary standard backed up on reasonable pricing. We are always busy to cut, file, program, and replace car keys  - when needed.
Helping with lockouts and emergency opening cars without any damage. Using a variety of coding tools which means we can program almost all car keys. Broken or lost car key can be a huge inconvenience, but with Top-Car-Key-Replacement you will find that our exceptional car key replacement service can solve any issue that you are face with. Whether your key  has  broken, or you have lost your key our trained and experienced technician will be more then happy to help you.

If you have lost your key there is no need to order replacement key from your main  dealer, we supplying full service. If you already ordered a key from main dealer before finding out about our company we will  still be able to help you for 30%-50% cheaper than main dealer. We also offer vehicle diagnostic fault code services. If your key has not been damaged and  car is not starting the fault is likely to be with the vehicle immobilizer system which we can repair it as well.

Our engineers are well equipped and knowledgeable and can often do what other auto key programmers can not. If comes down to making sure that no mater what your problem we will always do our best to find solution for your new spare car key.

Replacement Remote Keys

Replacing car keys isn't as simple as replacing house keys. You need to match transponder data between your key and your car. These electronic gadgets make replacements hard to get hold of. Before services like our own, the only option for gaining replacement car keys would be through your car's official dealership. You'd normally have to apply for a new key and it'd take a week or more to arrive. That's no good if you need a key quickly, perhaps for family members or to replace lost spares. We can cut replacement keys at your location, using mobile technology. The differences are massive – it's quicker, cheaper and easier and we can demonstrate that your key works there and then. Ordinary workshops aren't always trained locksmiths and often aren't equipped with the necessary technology to deal with car lock and key issues. Often, replacement lock systems are offered that cost large amounts, when the issues themselves are easy to solve with the right knowledge and technologies.This is why a specialist car locksmith service such as ourselves are invariably the best option for car lock issues.Here are some outlines of our services:

Electronic Transponder Programming

Transponders are your beepers, zappers or fobs, or any other name you might call them! They match the key's code to your car's code, enabling the ignition to be turned on and the car to be driven. We can edit data in these keys using our new-gen technology. This means we can add new keys to your car's immobiliser system at the roadside and alter it to accept your new cut.

Broken Keys

Keys aren't generally easy to break but it can happen. Sometimes they snap in the lock or the locks themselves become jammed. Extracting old keys is a job for a locksmith and our technicians cover the task, guaranteeing that they'll use non-destructive techniques if they can, to minimize or eliminate any damage to your door lock. Compared to mechanics, who often opt to replace the lock, this is cheaper and more effective. Often we can rebuild parts of broken locks without replacing the entire thing, too.

Car Keys Lost

Automotive key duplication for all types of car keys throughout West London and Surrey area. Don't wait until you find yourself in an emergency. Make a spare set of keys that will keep you on the safe side in the event of losing or misplacing your original set of keys. Unlike most automotive locksmiths in the area who will send you to your car dealer if you have vehicles that use transponder chip keys, we have made efforts to avail a solution for you. We have all the necessary equipment and skills to reprogram the new key so that it can work with your vehicle's immobilizer. If you fear that your keys have been stolen, then we will even re-code your vehicle's immobilizer and make a new key for it. This way, Top Car Key Replacement will allow the stolen key will be rendered useless hence you will have no reason to be worried about someone coming for your car.

Key Duplication Service

Once you lose your key or it's stolen, we can replace it with the benefit of our massive database of existing cuts and information. We can cut unique keys using this existing data and program them digitally to your vehicle. We can enter your car's immobiliser system and delete any old key data for keys that are lost or stolen. This guarantees your car's safety from those who may possess your old key.

When it comes to transponder chip keys, we are the people to come to. Don't ever wait for weeks or pay exorbitant prices for your car dealer to make for you a new set of keys for your car. With London Auto Locksmiths, everything is done by the roadside or in the same parking lot where the problem found you. This eliminates the need to tow your car to anybody's workshop just to have a key replaced.

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